2 min readAug 13, 2023


“Next time you’re back home mate, let me know and we’ll go for a pint”

This was the last Facebook message I received from Christopher, never "Chris," occasionally "Chrissy." Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016 from an aggressive and sudden onset of leukemia. The profound impact of his friendship has prompted me to reflect on the importance of keeping up with friends and the regret of missed opportunities.

I’d known Christopher since I was four, from nursery school. We played, learned, and grew together, and he was always an encouraging, supportive, and lovely lad.

In 2013, just prior to the start of my gender transition, I reconnected with Christopher. His response was everything I could have hoped for: supportive and utterly unfazed.

One of the things I regret most is not taking the time to see Christopher more often. Life got busy, and we let too much time pass between visits. His last message to me, inviting me for a pint, is a haunting reminder of the missed opportunities and the preciousness of time with loved ones.

Christopher's passing taught me about the vital importance of maintaining connections. Our friendship weathered many changes, but I can't help but feel that I could have done more to nurture it.

Life is unpredictable. When I reflect on our friendship, I think of the warmth and acceptance he always extended and wish we had spent more time together.

Friendship is a fundamental human connection that supports and uplifts us. I deeply regret not taking the time to strengthen my connection with Christopher, and I hope his story serves as a powerful reminder to others. Reach out to the friends you've lost touch with, make the time, and forge those connections anew. Christopher's memory is a testament to the importance of friendship and the profound impact it can have on our lives.